If the world of Azeroth has been the place you've turned to find some time away from all the news about the coronavirus pandemic, Blizzard has something that should make your stay more productive. 


© Blizzard | 'World of Warcraft' keeps players indoors with a 100 percent XP bonus

From now until April 20thyour World of Warcraft character will receive a bonus called "Winds of Wisdom," which will increase the amount of experience they gain by 100 percent. The buff is available to Battle for AzerothLegion and Starter Edition players -- alas, no love for those of us grinding it out in World of Warcraft Classic.

You can use the experience bonus to get ready for WoW's endgame content or to start leveling that new character you've been putting off for months. We've seen games such as Fallout 76 implement similar bonuses to entice players back to their worlds during this recent outbreak.

This article was originally published by Blizzard.
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