Elon Musk went live with Hack Club for an AMA to discuss ways teenagers can pursue an education in technology amid the COVID-19 crisis.

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Elon Musk hosted a live AMA on YouTube this Friday with Hack Club students, as first announced via a tweet from the organization. The group works to create education opportunities for teenagers to learn about technology amid the barriers created by global efforts to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Elon Musk hosts AMA with Hack Club amid COVID-19

Hack Club was previously a network of coding clubs across high schools and in-person hackathons. While they want to get back to that, during the COVID-19 crisis the organization is working to help teenagers learn about technology. This is essential for teens during the coronavirus crisis because many school districts around the world are still closed.
Musk said we're becoming disconnected from the physical "world of atoms," and praised manufacturing. "We should put more weight on manufacturing and making physical things," he said. "It's making the machine that's making the machine."
He added that creating and working on a production system is much harder than people generally think. "Designing a rocket is 1x hard, the building is 10x, and building a production system of the manufacturing line is 100x," he said.
Musk said that capitalism needs to be adjusted to control for the CO2 (carbon dioxide) output into the atmosphere, which is linked to climate change.
"Capitalism is a good system provided that the rules are set correctly. The issue that we have right now is basically an unpriced externality [...] which is simply responding to market forces doing what people want," he said.
"Mostly the cortex system [of the brain] is trying to make the limbic system happy," Musk said in regards to cybernetic technology and brain-computer interfaces.
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