The first Tesla Model Y teardown is already happening and we are getting all the information gradually.

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Stay tuned for more details.

It is being performed by Sandy Munro, a manufacturing expert who rose to fame in the Tesla community after his breakdown of an early Model 3.

At first, he made many unfavourable comments about Tesla before changing his tune and recognizing the automaker’s lead in electric vehicle manufacturing.

Now he managed to get an early Tesla Model Y and he is performing a teardown and releasing it piece by piece on his website.

Tesla Model Y fit and finish

In this ‘fit and finish’ video, Munro actually focuses exclusively on panel gaps. We already saw a review of Model Y’s paint last week.

Munro had some criticism of certain gaps, especially on the rear, but he called the fit “overall pretty good”:

Tesla Model Y Frunk

When inspecting the frunk, the front trunk, of the Model Y, Munro ran into some issues.

First off, the top trim came off really easy and he found that one of the clips that were keeping it in place was broken.

He also had some difficulties closing the frunk flush:

Tesla Model Y Suspension

Munro noted that the suspension is really similar to Model 3, but there were also many small differences.

For example, the manufacturing exported said that the lower control arms on the front suspension were “beefier” on the Model Y than on the Model 3.

However, when looking at the rear suspension, Munro saw that it was the same and there was even a sticker that was reading “Model 3” on the Model Y rear suspension:

More Tesla Model Y teardown content coming

By now, you understand the new format Munro is going for here with the teardown.

He hasn’t got into the technology aspect of the car or the body of the vehicle, which is apparently one of the biggest improvements Tesla has made over the Model 3, but those videos are expected to come in the next few days as Munro continues his Model Y teardown.

Stay tuned for more info.

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