Incase – makers of the original hardshell for MacBook – just launched its popular line of Hardshell cases for the 16-inch MacBook Pro

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With not many great cases available for the new machine and so many of us working from home currently, the new Hardshell cases will definitely be one of the best MacBook Pro case options for those in the market.

Over 10 years after releasing the first hard shell for MacBooks, Incase and its Hardshell cases are still a favorite among Mac users and go-to option for us.

Head below for a better look at what Incase has lined up for the new 16” MacBook Pro.

Available in the new lineup is the Textured Hardshells line available in 2 colors and the transparent Hardshells Dots in clear and black:

16” Textured Hardshell for MacBook Pro – $69.95 USD

The Textured Hardshell was engineered to protect as much of your MacBook as possible, without hampering the user experience.. and obviously what many users are worried about: conserving the perfectly polished aluminum exterior of their new MacBook. Unlike most hardshell cases (made from ABS plastic), the Incase Hardshell collection is crafted with a reliable Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate – a resilient lightweight material that is actually capable of shielding the device from serious impact and imperfections. That’s opposed to ABS plastic that most of the competition is using.

With each new lineup from Apple, Incase has steadily made improvements to its protective shells. Continuing the trend, in addition to the premium Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate, the company has transitioned from a soft-touch finish to a more contemporary dot design.

The exterior of the Textured Hardshells sees the Bayer Makrolon shell finished with a refined fray-resistant Woolenex fabric. Woolenex – for those that aren’t familiar – is an abrasion-resistant fabric that also houses element repelling properties. The Woolenex fabric is interlaced with 300 & 600 denier polyester – which is renowned for its strength and durability. But also for its ability to retain a slim profile. While many of the competing cases seem to add a considerable amount of bulk to the MacBook once installed, the Textured Hardshell protective case only adds a few millimeters.

16”  Hardshell Dots for MacBook Pro – $49.95

Also new for the 16-inch MacBook Pro is Incase’s slender, form-fitting Hardshell Dots case available in clear (pictured above) or a transparent black (pictured below).

The Hardshell Dots collection has become an essential accessory for many MacBook owners. Not only does the injection-molded construction of the Hardshell Dots case check most boxes for minimalist design enthusiasts, but it also takes minimal effort to install and remove. Also, much appreciated are the rubberized feet on the bottom of the Hardshell Dots cover to keep your MacBook from sliding around. This is one of the slimmest, minimal cases around that will give you full protection and full access to all ports, lights, and buttons at a fair price point.

Both of the new MacBook cases are tailored to feature precision cutouts, allowing complete access to all Thunderbolt 3 ports on each side and feature integrated ventilation systems to combat overheating issues. Given the fact that this is Apple’s biggest and brightest display to date on a MacBook, with stronger power and performance than we’ve seen in the past, keeping your MacBook cool is certainly a concern. And at the $2,999 price point, so should protect it.

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