Lexus has updated its LC grand tourer for 2020 with a raft of dynamic improvements and styling tweaks.
Autocar UK, By Felix Page
© Image credited by Haymarket Media Group | Lexus LC coupe loses weight and gains tech for 2020

Chief among the mechanical changes for the performance four-seater is a revamped suspension system that shaves 10kg off the car’s curb weight - courtesy of aluminum lower arms and hollow anti-roll bars - and is said to improve road feel.
The electric front shock absorbers have been adjusted to allow for a “smoother, softer stroke”, while the rear anti-roll bar has been stiffened to enhance turn-in response.
Alongside the hardware changes, the LC’s stability management program has gained a new Active Cornering Assist function which improves stability under hard cornering. 
The LC 500’s 10-speed automatic gearbox has been reconfigured with the aim of improving day-to-day driving in what Lexus calls “the active zone” - between 50% to 70% accelerator input. The engine will now rev higher before the gearbox shifts up to enhance acceleration response. It will also shift into second, rather than third, for sharp bends, allowing for a quicker exit from corners.
The LC’s two available drivetrains remain unmodified, meaning the 500’s 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 still produces 471bhp and the 500h’s hybridized V6 a combined 295bhp. In its most potent form, the LC is capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds and on to a top speed of 168mph. 
The coupĂ©’s overall design has not been altered, but two new colors - Cadmium Orange and Nori Green Pearl - can be specified, along with a set of newly designed 20in alloy wheels.
The interior is also identical to the 2019 car, but all-LC models are now equipped as standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 
UK pricing will be confirmed in May, with deliveries set to get underway in July. Expect a slight increase in the current car’s £78,190 starting price.
This article was originally published in Autocar UK.
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