The latest patent drawings filed by Honda reveal an even smaller version of its iconic Honda Monkey 125.

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Honda may be working on a smaller version of the iconic Honda Monkey 125 that was announced in 2018. The latest patent images reveal line drawings that really don't show much of the design, apart from the fact that the new model looks like a more compact and smaller model than the Monkey 125, a revival of the iconic model. However, there are some notable differences as can be seen from a superimposed image of the current Monkey, the most obvious being the location of the engine and transmission.

While the current Monkey employs a unit construction engine and manual gearbox, mounted below the top tube of the frame, the new machine uses an axle-mounted engine and transmission, like one of the Honda scooters. Other changes include a small fuel tank mounted on the top tube of the frame, which looks much smaller than the 7-liter fuel tank that's fitted to the Monkey. Also different is the new bike's ergonomics, with the handlebars sitting much closer to the rider. In the patent drawings, what is also seen is what looks like the battery of the machine, sitting in front of the handlebars where the headlight would normally be located.

What is not clear is if the current Honda Monkey 125 is going to be replaced sometime in the future, or if the latest patent filings indicate the introduction of a new model. If it's indeed a new model, it could well be based on one of Honda's existing products, possibly a scooter or step through to keep production costs low.

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