Saturday Night Live gamely staged a socially distant Saturday Night Live at Home, with all the players (and numerous cameos) showing they can telework like the rest of us. And it wasn’t half bad!
Polygon, By Owen S. Good
© Google Image | Saturday Night Live (at Home) live streams Call of Duty: Warzone, with predictable results

Tom Hanks bona fide COVID-19 survivor, after all, was an apropos host, Larry David and Alec Baldwin delivered bipartisan grouchiness, and most of the bits, which parodied TikTokZoom, and social media, worked out.
We’re particularly concerned with Mikey Day, SNL’s go-to video gamer of late, as an out-over-his-skis Twitch streamer caught up in Call of Duty: Warzone. When those no-good, pre-pubescent spawn-campers prove too formidable, Day switches over to something a little more familiar, and a completely telegraphed punchline. Bonus points for the dubstep, though; it makes me feel like I’m at E3 circa 2011.
Elsewhere, Robert Smigel broke the webcam motif with an original animated short Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles. And if you consider that this cartoon debuted in 1987, and they were, at minimum, 13 then, like I was, then yeah, they likely would be the mid-40s right now, like I am. Smigel’s take reveals that April and Michelangelo are on the rocks, Raph has a gambling addiction, and Shredder is apparently Irish Catholic.
This article was originally published by Polygon.
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