While people have been stuck at home, there have been a few upsides, especially in the digital DJ world. 

Engadget, By Jon Turi

© Serato | Serato DJ makes its computer-only mixing tools free for a limited time

Serato and Pioneer DJ recently launched free modes for their Studio and Rekordbox products, so it’s hardly surprising that Serato DJ has finally joined the roster -- albeit for a limited time. During the month of May, you can grab the Serato Play expansion pack for free instead of the normal $29 price tag. It offers an enhanced standalone DJ experience on your computer, without the need for external hardware. 

New DJs can download the free Serato DJ Lite package and add Play’s improved workspace at no cost. Existing Serato DJ Pro users can simply add the expansion pack to their tools for free during this period. 

Even the full Serato DJ Pro software pack is usually limited without an add-on controller plugged in, but with the Play expansion pack, you get the full DJ experience, as long as you’re fine using a mouse or keyboard to perform. The layout includes multiple decks, filter controls, and waveform views. That means you can prep sets and make mixes when you move away from your DJ setup to take some time on the couch, or soon enough even somewhere outside of your home entirely.

Serato’s free Play expansion pack offer is only available during the month of May for DJ Pro or DJ Lite users. After that, it returns to its normal price of $29. You can also visit the company’s “keeping busy” landing page for how-to guides, giveaways, and other special offers.

This article was originally published Engadget.
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