Tesla just launched the Model Y with the first deliveries happening just a few weeks ago.  

Electrek, By Jameson Dow

© Electrek | Tesla Model Y gets $1,000 tow hitch option, $450 roof rack accessory

There were a lot of questions open about the car, most of which have been answered, but one remained: where’s the tow hitch?  We’ve got an answer to that now: it’s here,  and it’s available as a $1,000 option.

And while we already knew a roof rack would eventually be available, it’s now been added to Tesla’s shop as a $450 accessory, the same price as the Model 3 roof rack.

We’ve also learned the towing capacity for the tow hitch option, which will be 3,500lbs.  This is higher than the Model 3’s tow hitch option, which has a capacity of around 2,000lbs.  That option is only available on European Model 3s, though.

This is classified as a “Class II” tow hitch, which means along with that 3,500lb capacity comes a max tongue weight of 300lbs and (probably) a 1 1/4″ receiver.

3,500lbs isn’t going to break any towing records, but for a small travel trailer, or to tow a small boat, or just for the simple addition of a bike carrier, it should be more than enough to help expand your cargo options.

Bikes could also be carried on the roof rack, but since Model Y is a taller vehicle and some people might not like lifting a bike all the way up to the top of a car, the tow hitch should be a better solution for that sort of thing.

Interestingly, Tesla’s online Model Y owner’s manual still hasn’t been updated with the new information, and still says “Model Y is not equipped with towing.”  We can imagine that section will change soon.

Model 3 is already pretty flexible (it fits 3 adults and a bike), but between the Model Y’s increased cargo capacity, roof rack availability, and now a tow hitch, it should turn out to be even better.

There’s no word on whether the tow hitch will be available as a retrofit for existing vehicles post-delivery.  But it can be added to current orders which have not yet been fulfilled.  If you’re interested in adding this to your order, you can go into your Tesla account and click “edit design.”

Since the roof rack is just an accessory, it can be added to existing vehicles.

Electrek’s Take

We were expecting a tow hitch, but when the Model Y first came out without any option to add one, we were worried.  Since EU Model 3s have a tow hitch option but US Model 3s don’t, we thought there was a chance the same thing might happen to the Model Y.  So…this is a nice relief.

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