VW has released a series of videos about some of the more interesting features of the ID.3 electric car, including an insane heads-up display.

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The VW ID.3 is Volkswagen’s first mass-produced electric car.

In November 2019, VW started production of their ID.3 electric car at its Zwickau factory, which they are completely converting from gasoline-powered car production to EV production.

However, VW said that ID.3 deliveries won’t start until summer 2020 as they accumulate vehicles until then.

At the time, it seemed like an unconventional way to launch a new vehicle, but we have since learned that the ID.3 might be facing some software problems preventing delivery.

Despite those problems, VW claims to still be on track to start deliveries in the summer. The automaker even says it will drop 30,000 ID.3 electric cars at once and employees are also going to test the first cars.

J├╝rgen Stackmann, VW’s head of sales, confirmed today that they are still going for the summer 2020 timeline:
“Yes, I will keep my promise to deliver the VW ID3 in summer 2020!”
Now VW is teasing ID.3 with a series of videos about some of the more unique features of the electric car.

We have previously reported on the innovative light system. Here’s how Volkswagen describes the system:
“Not only does this car’s voice control obey your every word, the ID.3 also communicates visually with its occupants – thanks to the completely new intelligent ID. Light concept. An LED strip that runs across the cockpit assists the driver by changing colour according to the current function. Once they have settled into the driver seat, ID. Light signals to the driver that the vehicle’s drive system is active and that the car has been unlocked or locked. It accentuates information issued by the driver assist and navigation systems and signals braking prompts and incoming phone calls. In conjunction with the navigation system, ID. Light reduces the stress of driving in traffic. By blinking, it recommends changing lane and can also warn the driver if their ID.3 is in the wrong lane. ID. Light also supports voice control: it responds to the voices of vehicle occupants by sending a light signal. This indicates whether the voice control assistant is responding to the driver or the front passenger.”

Electrek’s Take

Heads-up displays have improved a lot in the last few years. They went from a gimmick to an actually useful feature. I particularly like the one in the Audi e-Tron.

But this one is on a whole new level.

They do note that it’s a “near-production” version of the feature, which is going to be an option on the ID.3.

Hopefully, it actually turns out like that because it looks awesome. 

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