From user channels to a reorganized Library, Google’s primary music service in recent weeks has been slowly rolling out a slew of new features. YouTube Music will soon replace the “Hotlist” with a new “Explore” tab.

9to5Google, By Abner Li

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The “Hotlist” has been a part of YouTube Music since the last relaunch, and it reflects the initial video-heavy focus by highlighting what’s trending on YouTube proper. In comparison, Explore is focused on helping users discover new music and find playlists. Within this tab, there are two primary sections:
  • New Releases will feature the latest popular albums, tracks, and music videos, as well as brand new content, suggested based on your listening history.
  • Moods & Genres will help users find the perfect playlist or genre for any moment, whether you are relaxing, working out, or in the mood for some feel-good music.
Discovery in YouTube Music was previously haphazardly located in the Home feed along with recent listens and other suggestions. It ultimately required too much scrolling and carousels did not appear consistently, thus requiring users to save them to their Library for quick access.

There’s now a carousel of “New albums & singles” that can be swiped through, as well as expanded “See all” and viewed as a list. Below is a grid of genres to tap through playlists. This provides a much better casual browsing experience than searching every time you don’t find what you want in the Home tab.

YouTube Music’s Explore tab is coming first to Android and iOS, reflecting a similar revamp to the primary client. It will also be coming to the web client.

This article was originally published 9to5Google.
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