Apple’s VP of product marketing Greg Joswiak recently talked with Wired about the runaway success of AirPods. 

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According to the Apple executive, the spread of AirPods throughout society has been “almost like wildfire.”
“It was almost like wildfire how quickly it spread,” Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, says. “It’s done even better than we could ever imagine.”
Joswiak also elaborated on some of the inspiration behind AirPods, saying that Apple first had the vision for wireless earbuds in the early days of the iPhone:
According to Joswiak, Apple “had a vision for our wireless future for many years” before the first AirPods were unveiled. “We had this incredible wireless product, the iPhone,” he says. “And yet, what began to feel odd is when you saw somebody using wired headphones. Right then you thought, why would you attach the wire?”
When the technology was there to create AirPods, Joswiak says Apple worked alongside Stanford to 3D-scan “hundreds of different ears and ear styles and shapes” to make a design that was a “one-size solution.” That process continued with AirPods Pro:
“We had done work with Stanford to 3D-scan hundreds of different ears and ear styles and shapes in order to make a design that would work as a one-size solution across a broad set of the population,” Joswiak says. “With AirPods Pro, we took that research further – studied more ears, more ear types. And that enabled us to develop a design that, along with the three different tip sizes, works across an overwhelming percentage of the worldwide population.”
Apple does not provide unit sales for AirPods, but it loves touting the success of the truly wireless earbuds as they represent an important part of the growing Wearables category. Apple has regularly struggled to keep up with AirPods and AirPods Pro demand.

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