Among 10 design projects carried out by students of an art college in California, Ducati has chosen the one that best represents the Scrambler of the future.

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In February 2020, while presenting the new Ducati Scrambler 1100 PRO at the ArtCenter College of Pasadena, California, Ducati had involved the students of the design institute in a contest to imagine and draw the Ducati Scrambler of the future. As many as 10 projects which were presented by students, each noticeably different from the other, but with common distinguishing features. The judgments were based on the future vision of the students, as well as the quality of the technical drawings and their design style.
Many students envisioned the future with an electric Ducati Scrambler, and some came up with models that are more versatile and suitable for various situations. Peter Harkins, who attends the design course at the institute, eventually won the contest. He will now get an opportunity to carry out a training internship at the Ducati Design Centre in Borgo Panigale.
"The collaboration with the ArtCenter College of Pasadena has given rise to an interesting exchange of experience with students from different cultural and academic backgrounds. They have reinterpreted our Scrambler Ducati in a creative way. They all have very distant points of view," said Andrea Ferraresi, Ducati Design Center Director.
"The reinterpretation that he proposed takes its inspiration from the values of the brand. It maintains the typical stylistic canons of the Scrambler Ducati. This includes lightness, simplicity of lines, and the headlamp. It is characterized by the unmistakable X, now recognized as the signature of the bike," he added.
"I am thankful to Ducati and ArtCenter for working together to provide this opportunity," said Peter Harkins. "I am extremely excited to be working alongside such a talented group of designers at Ducati. Also, I look forward to learning new skills and techniques. Thank you to my classmates who pushed me to do better and to our teacher, Alex Earle, for inspiring us through his Powersports Class. This is a dream come true!"
Harkins' design imagined the Scrambler's engine to a single-cylinder unit, like the one on the original 1960s Scrambler, but futurized the styling. While the current Ducati Scrambler uses a steel trellis frame, Harkins' design employs a cast aluminum frame, and other changes like a high-mounted exhaust, neutral ergonomics, and the classic yellow tank. Handguards, an off-road high mounted front fender push the design of the Scrambler forward and into the future. If the award-winning design concept is any indication, future iterations of the Ducati Scrambler could well become even more radical!
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