A new interface also visually ushers the app into 2020.Android Central, By Michael Allison
© Android Central | Google Authenticator app update finally lets you transfer two-factor codes between devices

Google has finally updated its Authenticator app with a new makeover for 2020 (via Android Police), redesigning the app for our longer and narrower screens as well as throwing in a true-black theme for AMOLED displays out there.
More importantly, Google has now added an account export tool, letting users export (and import) any already set-up accounts after verifying their identity via pin, fingerprint, or face unlock. It would then generate a scannable QR code, which you would scan on the new device to complete the transfer.
Previously, users had to manually re-setup all of their 2FA accounts every time they changed phones, a process that could deter some from even setting up on Authenticator, to begin with. It still isn't perfect. Competitors like Authy offer cloud sync, while Authenticator is more manual. Imperfect as it is, it's still a far sight better than what existed before.

Like all Google updates, it isn't immediately available for everyone via the Play Store, but it should land in a couple of hours.

This article was originally published on Android Central.
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