Jawa Motorcycles has shortlisted four finalists for the custom build for Jawa enthusiasts which was announced during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Jawa Motorcycles organized an online design contest during the coronavirus lockdown, called the Kommuniti Kustoms. The idea of the contest was to encourage Jawa fans and enthusiasts to design their own custom Jawa, using either the Jawa Classic or the Jawa Forty Two as the base to develop the custom design. Scores of entries came in from designers and Jawa enthusiasts, including cafe racer concepts, scramblers, adventure tourers, and some radically designed baggers and bobbers. Now, Jawa has now announced the four finalists of the Kommuniti Kustoms contest, which includes two scrambler-ish designs, a bobber, and a cafe racer.

The Jawa Cockatrice seems like a Scrambler based on the Jawa Classic but kitted out with panniers and a proper high windshield. It's not exactly an adventure tourer and more than a Scrambler. In our books, the Cockatrice is a blend of a Scrambler and an adventure touring motorcycle, with knobby dual-sport tyres and a high front fender, along with hard panniers. The fuel tank and side panels are retained from the Jawa Classic, so the Cockatrice retains the clean lines a Jawa can be easily identified with.

The Kalarickal is a bobber-style custom based on the standard Jawa, and looks like a classic garage-built Bobber, complete with fat tyres, and hunkered down ergonomics, courtesy the short handlebar and single saddle. The Jawa Prague 42 is a modern interpretation of the classic cafe racer designed on the Jawa Forty Two. With clean lines and a sketch which seems straight out of a motorcycle designer's concept book, the Prague 42 certainly looks the part of a factory cafe racer, if Jawa was looking to build one.

The Scimitar, one of our personal favorites, seems to be based on a Jawa Forty Two and has the classic lines of a 1960s Scrambler, complete with a high handlebar, front fender, upswept side-mounted exhaust, and dual-sport tyres. The ground clearance also seems to be bumped up a bit, to give the Scimitar a true-blue Scrambler look and feel. So, tell us, which one is your favorite custom design on the Jawa?

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