I’ve been using the Starling Home Hub since January to enable HomeKit support on my Nest thermostat. Since then, I’ve continued to rely on it daily for using my Nest through the Home app. Today, version 6.0 of the Starling Home Hub firmware is now available to download.

9to5Mac, By Bradley Chambers

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One of the key features in version 6.0 is a redesigned security architecture that adds SSL/TLS everywhere and API authentication. Starling has completely re-architected their security using best in class IoT practices and added a new Enhanced Security mode so that if someone gains access to your home network, there’s no way they could gain access to your Nest devices by attacking the Starling Home Hub’s API.

They’ve also improved compatibility with Eero routers, added an option to allow the arming of Nest Secure with doors/windows open, improved camera event response time, optimized hub bandwidth utilization, improved compatibility with third-party HomeKit camera apps.

Users upgrading from the last major release, 5.0, will also get the following new capabilities:
  • Selection of individual Nest devices to include/exclude from HomeKit.
  • Option to exclude camera events outside defined Activity Zones.
  • Person notifications/automations for Nest Hello and Nest Cam IQ now supported without Nest Aware.
  • Improved recovery after power outages.
If you want to download Starling Home Hub 6.0, visit this page to launch the internal webserver (assuming you are on the same network as your Starling Home Hub). If you have Nest products and want to add them to HomeKit, head over to the Starling Home Hub website to purchase it for only $89.

This article was originally published 9to5Mac. 
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