Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is popping 70 on Tuesday. To celebrate, his wife, Janet Hill, is throwing him an oversized online party. And we're all invited. The festivities begin at 8 p.m. ET and may be live-streamed to and house as a benefit for singer Jewel's Inspiring Children Foundation. 

USA Today, By Jefferson Graham

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Virtual guests include: opera singer Andrea Boccelli, country crooners Brad Paisley and Emmylou Harris, actors Ashton Kutcher and William Shatner, comedians Chris Rock, Jay Leno and Drew Carey, magician Penn Jillette, former basketball great Shaquille O'Neal, and Jewel, who is hosting the event. 

A special “11 days of Wozdom” scavenger hunt will begin the subsequent day. Beyond the party, Woz's website (he prefers to be called simply "Woz") is hosting the scavenger hunt "featuring creative challenges" related to happiness, creativity, ingenuity and fun, per the organizers. 

Winners receive Apple products, autographed by Woz, and purchased by him at retail prices. He says he qualifies for a tenth off employee discount from Apple but chooses to not flaunt his celebrity. Wait a second. An employee discount? 

The co-founder, who was said to possess stepped down temporarily from Apple in 1981 after a traumatic aeroplane accident, so officially in 1985 to do and do new things, actually never left? "I've received a tiny low paycheck from Apple weekly ever since we started the company," he tells USA TODAY, with amusement. 

He expanded on his website: "I never left Apple’s official employee list, but I left direct work inside on some occasions. After a plane crash, I took a year off to finish college so sponsored a pair of rock concerts. 

I came back to Apple and worked as an engineer. Eventually, I wanted the fun of the primary days and left to make a universal remote. But I always style of representing Apple once I make appearances or give interviews." Wherever he goes, "I represent Apple directly and indirectly," he says. "I couple out of loyalty." 

'Making money was secondary' It was 45 years ago, roughly, that Woz met up with Steve Jobs which they started Apple Computer in 1975. As he recalls it, Woz was with care entranced with computers that he wanted to supply them away, until Jobs suggested otherwise. "My visions were what computers could do for humanity," he says. 

"That's all I cared about. Making money was secondary. I just wanted to be a good engineer." Today, what a computer can do today is beyond any of his wildest dreams earlier. "When we started Apple the quantity of memory which will hold a song would cost 1,000,000 dollars." What computers have enabled is for kids to achieve resolute Woz, which he freely dispenses on his website. 

"I just give them advice," he says. "It just comes from my very own experience. Here's what I believe, and here's an honest good way to approach it." As for turning 70, "I love it," he says. "After my 40th, it had been so great, which I believed, wow, this is often getting old. Then the 50th, I just smiled, because after 50, it doesn't matter what you say or do, you are doing not must be correctness. 

People just accept it. Then 60, my wife Janet threw me a superb surprise party." There are surprise elements of the 70th additionally, "but it couldn't be an entire surprise, because I'm participating, right?" Happy birthday Woz! 

This article was originally published in USA Today. 

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