This guide will help you find a firefly jar and complete the challenge quickly.

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Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3's new Week 10 challenges are on the way, presenting players with some new objectives to complete when they're not working toward a Victory Royale. 

A new challenge asks you to collect fireflies from Weeping Woods

Weeping Woods is a named location so it shouldn't be hard to find. Read on for more info about how to collect fireflies.

While it's not difficult to find the general Weeping Woods area on the map, the fact that you also need to track down fireflies complicates things a bit and might be a sticking point for some players. 

Looking for a specific item isn't easy when you're dodging enemy fire. In the guide below, we'll explain where and how to do that so you can complete the challenge quickly.

This challenge is now available in Fortnite after leaking early, and you may remember it from before. Read on to learn how to catch fireflies and complete the challenge.

What Are Fireflies?

Fireflies help you create Firefly Jars, an incendiary weapon that lights the environment on fire, destroying buildings and hurting anyone standing on the burning areas. 

Flare Guns, another incendiary weapon can be found with normal loot, through searching chests, the ground, loot llamas, and supply drops. It's an easier option if you can find one.

Where Can I Find A Fireflies?

Fireflies spawn at night, when the map is dark, mostly around wooded areas. 

You'll need to collect one to create a Firefly Jar, but once you do it'll spawn in your inventory automatically. Each batch of fireflies will give you three jars.

Weeping Woods has an abundance of Fireflies, but you'll need to wait for it to get dark in order to find most of them. 

That shouldn't take long in most matches you'll just need to stay alive long enough for the fireflies to emerge.

Other good locations to find fireflies include areas around Frenzy Farm, Misty Meadows, The Authority, and Lazy Lake. 

A smart strategy would be to land at Lazy Lake, collect fireflies, and then move to Misty Meadows to use them and complete the challenge.

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