As RCS continues to roll out more widely around the globe, Google is improving the feature through its Messages app. The latest feature added is a neat trick that lets you reroute an RCS message to SMS in Google Messages.

9to5Google, By Ben Schoon

© Ben Schoon / 9to5Google | Handy Google Messages shortcut reroutes an RCS message back to SMS

Occasionally when using RCS Chat, a message will fail to send or takes its sweet time. It’s rare but obviously frustrating. Google Messages is designed to fallback and reroute messages to SMS on those occasions.

Pointed out by the folks over at Android Police, there’s a way to do this instantly as, by default, it can take a second or two. While an RCS chat message is being sent in Google Messages, tapping it brings up a little menu that offers two options. First, to reroute that message to SMS. The second, to cancel sending and delete it altogether.

This little trick has been live in Google Messages for at least the past few releases, but it pretty much went unnoticed until now. Our Dylan Roussel says he spotted it a few months ago.

This article was originally published 9to5Google.

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