Under new CEO Jochen Zeitz's The Rewire plan for Harley-Davidson, the upcoming H-D Bronx Streetfighter seems to have been axed from future product line-up.

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Harley-Davidson has removed all mention of the upcoming Harley-Davidson Bronx Streetfighter from the American motorcycle brand's official website. 

The Future Vehicles Page on the Harley-Davidson website, which until recently included the Bronx along with the Harley-Davidson Pan America adventure bike, now doesn't list the Bronx anymore. 

The Future Vehicles page still lists the High-Performance Custom model, as well as a few electric bike concepts, but there's no mention of the Bronx anymore. 

Bronx Streetfighter's design was conceived by Harley-Davidson's senior designer Chetan Shedjale, who is also the man behind the design of the 750 ccs, Harley-Davidson Street Rod.

The decision to ax the Bronx from any future product plan has apparently been taken keeping in mind, Harley-Davidson's Rewire strategy unveiled by Harley-Davidson's new President and CEO Jochen Zeitz. 

In fact, during Harley-Davidson's second-quarter results for 2020, Zeitz was asked specifically about the Bronx by media persons, but the response has been vague, instead of focusing on adventure touring. 

And from the looks of it, the first new model from Harley-Davidson will not be the Bronx, but will likely be the Harley-Davidson Pan America.

Removing the Bronx from the Future Models section is not a confirmation that the model has been axed. But what it does seem to imply is that, at least for now, there aren't any immediate plans to keep the Bronx in Harley-Davidson's future line-up. 

And Harley's 'Rewire' plan, unveiled in late April, seems to imply just that; the brand will focus on products with high-profits, something like the traditional heavyweight cruisers, and baggers, instead of new products.

While the 'More Roads to Harley-Davidson' plan unveiled by Zeitz's predecessor Matt Levatich outlined a new product offensive, including lighter, and more accessible motorcycles, clearly Zeitz doesn't see eye-to-eye with his predecessor's strategy to revive a brand, which has been reeling under acute sales shortage. 

For now, there's no official confirmation that the Bronx has been axed, but the signs are clear.

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