While Honda looked as if it would be dragging its feet over the past few years with regards to electric motorcycles, it now feels like the corporate has been secretly hard at work on several new electric models.

© Electrek | Honda is building an unadorned electric motorcycle supported the CB125R

Electric Honda CB125R motorcycle

The latest battery-powered two-wheeler looks to be an electrical version of the company’s CB125R sporting a retro-inspired naked bike design.

Honda recently patented a completed design for an electrical CB125R, showing that the corporate is probably within the final stages of development for the bike.

The electric motorcycle doesn’t even have a reputation yet (and of course Honda hasn’t officially confirmed its existence yet), but the company’s patent clearly shows a CB125R frame and body housing an electrical drivetrain, including detailed drawings of the electrical motor.

The motor appears to be a pancake-style motor with an oversized diameter and slim profile designed to slide into the little frame of the CB125R.

Performance isn’t expected to be mind-melting, because the bike will likely be limited to similar speeds and power output of the donor bike.

The beginner-oriented Honda CB125R’s ICE puts out around 13 hp (10 kW) and also the bike can hit speeds of up to 80 mph (130 km/h). An electrically powered version is probably going to supply similar speeds, but potentially quicker acceleration and better torque figures.

The electric version of the bike seen in Honda’s patent appears to share around 75% of its components with Honda’s gas-powered CB125R, in keeping with Visordown. that may greatly simplify the event and production path, reducing cost and speeding the bike’s entry to the market.

I almost desire I’ve been too hard on Honda within the past. I mocked them for his or her slow rollout of the electrical Honda PCX scooter and for his or her lack of anything of substance to demonstrate while startups ran away with the electric motorcycle market.

But in precisely the past year, Honda has shown off an electrical CRF250 trail bike, made significant progress on an electrical Super Cub, revived interest in an electrical version of their classic Motocompo scooter, and now appears to be building an electrical beginner motorcycle, all at the identical time.

Sure, I can nitpick about this new electric CB125R a touch, like pining for a belt drive rather than the chain sprocket we will see on the motor, but sticking with existing parts can help Honda produce this bike quicker and easier.

If Honda can get this bike onto the road soon, they may actually begin to grab up some market share within the quickly growing electric motorcycle market.

There are only a few 125cc-level electric motorcycles out there at once. Examples like the SuperSoco TCMax look great but don’t carry Honda’s legacy or brand awareness. So I feel the market is ripe for Honda to indicate to us what they'll do with small electric motorcycles while they're (hopefully) on the trail to larger electric motorcycles to compete with the likes of Harley-Davidson, Zero and Energica.

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