A DIYer went above and beyond in making a Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup working replica that looks insanely good inside and out.

Electrek, By Fred Lambert

© Electrek | Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup working replica looks insanely good inside and out

Tesla Cybertruck’s radical design has sparked the curiosity of many and got many people to get creative.

We previously reported on people designing trailers, accessories, and even different versions of the electric pickup truck.

But one of the most interesting trends that Tesla has unintentionally created with the Cybertruck is do-it-yourself replicas of the vehicle.

We reported on the trend a few months after the unveiling and at the time, there were already half a dozen Cybertruck replicas. Some good, some bads.

The best one by far was a half-scale Cybertruck with an actual tri-motor powertrain.

But it might now have some serious competition because a new full-scale Cybertruck replica has been showing up on social media and it looks insanely good.

The replica is really convincing and obviously in working conditions – though it’s not clear if it’s actually electric, like the half-scale version we have previously seen.

But the DIYer didn’t stop there.

The inside of the replica is also extremely well designed and built:

That’s something that we haven’t seen yet for DIY Cybertruck projects.

Obviously, it doesn’t look as good as the original, but it is more than impressive for a DIY project:

It’s really impressive how the Cybertruck has struck a chord with people and sparked so many DIY projects.

This article was originally published by Electrek. 

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