Several reports are taking off about Tesla’s sales happening in Europe, but the reports are misleadingly framing the case simply because the competition seizing.

It’s not that straightforward.

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Tesla sales in Europe

This week, Automotive News is out with a report claiming “Tesla sales plunge in Europe at the same time as EV market booms“:

Sales of battery-powered cars in Europe rose 34% to 217,495 within the half, in keeping with data from JATO Dynamics market researchers. Tesla’s European sales were down 18% to 37,251 during the amount.

The reports then break down several European markets where Tesla’s sales are crashing, while the competition is seizing from the California-based automaker who accustomed be the market leader for EVs in those markets.

Zero Hedge, a publication unapologetically anti-Tesla, was out with an analogous report in the week regarding Germany: “Tesla Crushed in Germany by EVs From VW, Renault, & Hyundai Group“:

It has been an awfully ugly year in Germany for auto sales, aside from EVs. the general new vehicle market in Germany has plunged by 30% within the first seven months of 2019 to 1.526 million units. 

But EV sales have skyrocketed by 65% over the primary seven months, after having already skyrocketed by 88% within the same period in 2019, in line with KBA, the German agency that handles nationwide new-vehicle registrations. Year-to-date, 61,105 EVs were sold, giving EVs a share of 4% of total new vehicle sales, up from but 1% in 2018.

But Tesla got crushed. Its sales over the seven-month period fell from 6,816 in 2019 through July to five,306 over the identical period this year, and its share within the EV market plunged from 18.4% to 8.7%.

The report suggests that the competition is finally seizing Tesla in Europe.

What analysts and also the media get wrong about Tesla’s sales

The data is possibly accurate. That’s not the problem.

However, the reason isn't as simple because the competition getting higher of Tesla with new electric models hitting the market.

Tesla’s global deliveries have surprised half-moon amid the pandemic by being down only 5%, while the remainder of the industry saw a 30%+ visit deliveries.

The automaker didn’t do likewise in Europe, but that’s because it barely had any supply for the market in Q2.

All of Tesla’s European vehicles come from its Fremont factory, which was stop working for over a month during the second quarter thanks to the pandemic, and therefore the shutdown disproportionately affected the ECU supply of Tesla vehicles.

At Fremont factory, Tesla produces vehicles in batches for various markets, and people batches can last several weeks, The shutdown happened as Tesla was speculated to produce its batch of vehicles for the ECU markets.

This resulted in a very short supply of Tesla vehicles available purchasable in Europe and only now in late July, and this month Tesla has started producing European vehicles again following the reopening of the factory in May.

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