Everyone needs a lock for his or her bikes. They do use bike locks for deterring bike thieves.

Normally the basic mechanism of a bike lock is to hold up the tier with something like fixed objects that can’t be moved or simply locking one of the wheels.

A lock is a must for bikes, so everyone wants to have the lock that has the lightest weight, also the smallest in size. So that it may be easy to carry and looks good with the bikes.

If you are new with bikes and want to know about the best lightest bike locks. Then you are in the right place.

Here in this article, we are discussing the five best lightest bike locks. Read below to know more.

The 5 Best Lightest Bike Locks
The 5 Best Lightest Bike locks

Types of Bike Locks

There are three main types of bike locks. And those are-

    Chain Lock


    Combination and Cable Lock

Chain Lock is an old version of bike locks. People used to hold a chain to lock their bikes with a fixed object. It was a chain and lock technique with a key.

D-lock is a new technology with bike locks. It looks good from the outside. Easy to carry with. Much effective one than the lock discussed before.

Combination and Cable Lock is the modern lock and compatible with the new techniques that thieves are applying to break the locks.

An experiment on these types of locks was held in the UK in public, and it has proved to be the strongest and lightest lock of bikes there.

Here we have selected the five best lightest bike locks. Read further to know.

Five Best Bike Locks

Squire Snaplock Bike Lock:

squire snaplock bike lock

This is a lock with a code like the old briefcase we used to carry before. This is the only combination cycle lock that gives the bike owners “SILVER” status about security.

Firstly, it’s made in Britain with a patented design. Being a unique carabiner shape, it is much lighter than any other locks used for bikes in the present time.

The main difference between this and other bike locks are mainly the key. In this lock, there's no key to lose. Also, it has over 100000 combinations to lock.


This lock is also known as the lock that fights back.

The reason behind its well-known name is, these types of locks are designed with a built-in deterrent that can stop a thief from stealing bikes.

Actually before these awesome locks, every year a certain large number of bikes were being stolen. But with this new technology, the number is decreasing day by day.

The main differences between this lock and the other are, despite being the same looking as a D lock.

It contains a chemical that will be burst out when someone tries to hamper the lock in case of bike stealing.

And that chemical will make some physical issues to the thieves and thus our bikes will remain protected from any thief.


This is also known as multipurpose bikes lock. A Danish company has made this type of locks at first.

The name multipurpose means this lock not only helps to keep bikes safe from the thief. But also makes the transport, storing system, or caring system much easier.

The main function of this type of lock is, it makes the handlebar completely detached from the front wheel.

Which makes it much tougher for the thieves to take and ride on it and thus run with the bike.

Besides these, it has a cable to lock the bike with a fixed object. And these types of cable bars can be adjusted with any part of the body of a bike with a fixed object.


It’s a lock without any code or any key. It functions with an electrical key.

When our hands are full sometimes it becomes hard to handle the locks with those things we have in our hand.

Technology has come with a solution that follows an order from an electronics key.

When you are near enough or we can say you are close enough with the key. The lock will be open with itself.

Again when we are in the middle of important meetings or work and can’t go out to check if we have locked our bikes or not. Then it’s a smart solution.

You can control the lock from your room to lock the bike and make sure of its safety from stealing.



It is a stylish lock that protects the bikes with style. It also has automotive industry-standard keys. And by using this lock, locking from any angle is now much easier.

This is not only stylish but also so much stronger. And can be folded and made in small sizes to carry.

It is made of stainless steel.

Still, have confusion about locks? Then visit the lightest bike locks.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Lock for Your Bike

Always remember one thing. It is okay to get a better and pricy lock than finding the bike missing.

It is easy for the thief to steal your bikes if he or she can find out your daily routine and keeps following you.

As we have to keep our bikes anywhere outside when we are working indoors. The bikes should be protected from thieves. 

For this reason, when we are about to choose a lock for our bikes. Firstly we have to think about the area we are living in.

In the case of a red zone area, we have to invest much more in bike locks.

Choose the best lightest bike locks, which will provide you with comfort to carry and also good looking.

Things that keep in mind before buying a lock for your bike are given below-

1.   Is Your Bike Lock Providing Protection?

The main priority of a bike lock is to provide complete security protection. We should choose locks by looking at the features.

Though maximum bike lock can be broken with a hammer or other lock cutting tools. But there is also some amazing bike lock.

2.   Price Range of Bike Lock

Lightweight bike locks are much more expensive than another lock. Though it might be expensive, the security purpose is more protective than others.

If you want to increase your security, never think to spend less. Because the thieves are quite smart and professional about breaking the locks.

3.   Amazing Design

Everybody wants a stylish bike lock for security purposes. The D-lock is more cost-effective than the chain and cable lock.

The chain and cable locks are more versatile than others. They are easy to store but chains and cable are easy to cut.

Anyhow it depends on your choice what types of bike lock you want. But don’t fall away with beauty. Remember your priority is your bike security.

Some extra verdict about your bike locks

  • Some companies have a return policy with their lock. If your bike gets stolen at the time of using their product they provide a return policy.
  • For this, they need proof for verification. And this is only possible if your bike lock is registered. So, Bikers register your bike lock if this type of criteria you don’t want.
  •  Always try to use two different types of locks with different types of keys. So that the thieves get confused and they need extra time for breaking locks.

They don’t like to use more tools for breaking the lock.


Now, you don’t have to be panicked again. When you are about to buy a lock always keep in mind that people should go for two at least for safety purposes.

And after being sure about the capability of your bike locks, you can be at peace while working indoors.

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