Do you love traveling on the open road? There’s no better feeling than riding on the motorbike & hitting the road, no matter if it's an afternoon ride, a complete day, or a long-distance tour. Comfort is the key that adds to the amazingness of your ride and gives you an awesome experience.

Bringing your belongings, the right tool hydration, and safety gear are essentially important. Yes, you can pack the items in your backpack but that will restrict your freedom, will make you exhausted on a long tour. 

It is important to know which is the right motorbike luggage for you. That not only adds your convenience but makes your ride safer and comfortable.

Packing for a motorbike is a challenge, because of less storage availability & safety. Of course, riding with motorbike luggage will make the ride more comfortable and easier! There are multiple choices available in the market for carrying essentials on a motorbike for long tours.

So, What to look for when shopping for your motorcycle luggage? What makes the choice perfect for you. Many people prefer the sleek & style of their motorbike as their priority. Others prefer material Cost influence their choice a big time. 

There are a lot of factors that you should look at in bike luggage such as durability, color, versatility, and adjustability. Some people consider going for a combination of bags.

For high convenience & versatility, go for the bag that matches your needs. Right motorbike luggage adds to a soothing ride experience no matter where you travel.

Types of Motorbike Luggage

Is it a personal choice when it comes to carrying stuff? Of Course, not that there are so many factors that help in choosing the right luggage item. Motorbike luggage gives riders a real challenge when it comes to choking one. Unlike your car, a two-wheeler lacks the luxury of storage. Which is where motorbike luggage comes to serve its purpose.

Soft Luggage: There are uncountable variations for both: hard & soft luggage. Most of the soft luggage is designed for high fitments & is usually manufactured from materials like canvas, occasionally leather, or nylon. Great for riders who pack light or travel on good weather days. 

Fasting of soft luggage is very easy and can be done by bungee or straps to your luggage rack or the passenger seat at the back. Many of them come with internal frames that help the bag in retaining its shape. They provide the flexibility of packing.

One of the biggest disadvantages of these bags is they aren’t waterproof and lack security. Can be mounted easily on your motorbike. Panniers & tank bags fall under this category.

Hard luggage: This type is rigid when it comes to construction. They are usually made up of hard plastic, aluminum, or a combination of hard frames. Hard luggage is mounted rigidly on the bike with metal or some plastic brackets. 

They are a little bit expensive, as they have a longer lifespan & entirely waterproof. Large storage capacity is also a plus. It is more secure when it comes to preventing theft & falling off.

Tank Bag: Tank bags are another popular option that makes use of empty areas at the front of bike riders. They are usually fastened by strong magnets at the bottom that keeps the tank fixed. 

Tank bags are very easy to attach & remove! Moreover, they provide “quick access” items. Serves their purpose perfectly over long and short trips.

Tail bag: A tail bag is another option that you can go for when it comes to carrying your belongings on a motorbike trip. They are fastened on the motorbike passenger seat. They are mounted easily with the bungee cord or straps.

Backpacks: These bags are a great way for carrying items because of a lot of reasons. They are extremely maneuverable. Parking your motorbike along the road when you have to go to a nearby shop or eating place can make your luggage vulnerable to security. 

Backpack enables you to carry your belongings with you wherever you go off the bike during your trip. It is multi-purpose and a motorbike backpack can also be used on hiking or every day trips.

Most of the backpacks have a built-in hydration system in them. Which can be extremely useful for touring during hot weather. They allow motorcyclists to drink water without stopping anywhere. 

Moreover, they have a lot of space to carry protective and weather gear. Plus they erase the fasting issues as you carry them at your back.

Saddle Bags: Another alternative for carrying stuff on a motorbike trip is saddlebags. They are fastened at both sides of your motorbike. Unlike backpacks, they add weight to your bike and free your shoulders. 

That saves them from the strain of long tours. However, Carrying more load in your saddlebags can act as an anchor point that can slow down your ride. Make sure not to exceed the weight limit of the saddlebag.

Advantages of choosing the Right Motorbike Luggage

Motorcycle luggage doesn't only increase storage capacity but adds comfort to your ride.

Following are the benefits of choking the right luggage for you.

   Motorbikes luggage increases your stuff carrying capacity. They help you to carry all the essentials for your days or even months-long trips. All you need to know is how you poach smartly depending upon the length of your tour.

   They are usually manufactured from hardy materials; which makes them incredibly durable so they can withstand all types of climatic anomalies. Many of them are pollution proof & damage resistant that protects your belongings from all types of wear & tear during your journey.

   They are built to stand heavy loads and pack your items securely on a motorbike trip. Without restricting your moments.

   They provide you with the ease of organizing things.

   There are a variety of options available in the market from which you can choose depending upon the style and needs so they can blend perfectly.

   Most of them are stylish and ergonomic thus enhances the beauty of your bike while adding to your comfort. You can also get your bags manufactured as per your choice.

   Motorbike luggage is very easy when it comes to maintenance. They free you from the constant worry of condition servicing. They just require good cleaning so their looks can be maintained. It makes them a good investment when it comes to motorbike accessories.

Apart from backpacks all the motorbike luggage can be attached & detached easily. Many of them are portable too. You don't need an expert to get them attached to your motor there are easy instructions that you have to follow for securing them with your ride.

Additional Tips for your Luggage!

   Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines while loading the motorbike luggage & fasten it correctly & securely with the bike.

   Load the heavy items in your luggage as close to your motorbike center of mass as possible and reduce the adverse handling effects.

   Adjust your suspension settings appropriately & tire pressures after you have added the load. It's the same as carrying a passenger with you. The additional load of your luggage can affect the handling & performance and make sure you take a test drive before the actual ride.

   Carrying the type of motorbike luggage will significantly affect the handling. If you find difficulty in managing the tasks, consider reducing the weight of your luggage & find another solution to never exceed load or go for the combination of bags.

   Read carefully the luggage guidelines that the brand you are using issued. Do not underestimate them. Such the maximum speed capacities, safety limits, etc.

   If you are using saddlebags or any side luggage they will add up the width of the motorbike. Get used to it, watch carefully when you are parking them close to the fuel station, etc. A good tip for ensuring the safety of your ride is to make sure they do not exceed the limit of your mirrors.

   Check the security of your luggage throughout the trip.

   Take your ride-along when you shop them so you can check the mounting. Consult your ride’s dealer. And never forget to take the luggage spare key alongside on the trip. As the lost key will spoil your trip.


Motorbike luggage in the market comes in a variety of options, thus gives a choice of going with one. When it comes to commuting each type has its pros & cons. For light loads & short commutes, the backpack is an easy, cheap & functional option that will serve its purpose well. 

However, if you tend to carry larger & heavier loads than going for bike-mounted luggage is the right option for you, It will free your shoulders from the stress but might affect the speed of your ride.

In the end, it is the personal choice that plays a major role in picking what is perfectly suited to your commuting needs.

It’s not so easy for a beginner to choose what’s right for his bike. The above-mentioned information will help you in choosing the bike luggage. We would suggest you do experiments with different types of bags and luggage caring options. 

It will help you choose the one which is suited perfectly to your needs. Make sure you consider the convenience, degree of protection, style, accessibility while buying it.

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