Packing for a road trip can be daunting because you want to pack everything just in case you need it, but you also don’t have enough space. This can be every more difficult if you are traveling on a motorcycle because you literally have no place to keep your luggage, and if you somehow find a way.
It will be just a pair of small saddlebags, or in some situations, you can also use a simple backpack to carry your luggage along. In the case of a backpack, you need to make sure you pack light because that is something that you will be carrying on your back throughout, and this can be quite tiresome. 
The only way you can make the most out of your luggage is if you pack properly and wisely. There is no hard and fast rule to pack everything that you might need. Also, some people go for full-fledged, family packs and pack it along on weekly trips. 
This is the biggest issue that most people have to face because, if you don’t switch to travel size, you might end up carrying around 50 kg luggage on your back, and this can further lead to medical and health-related issues as well.

You might have noticed that people who become frequent travellers get better at packing. They know how to pack and what to pack, which is the reason people usually ask for packing tips.

The most crucial point that most people agree on is the fact that we don’t want to pack everything because this will get heavy for us. Forget something essential, and this can become a big disappointment. 

If you are traveling with your family, you might be able to share something, but on a motorcycle journey, when you are traveling alone, you cannot have the privilege of sharing something with others. 

Instead, you have to rely on your own resources and your own packing skills. For beginners who have never travelled alone, we have listed down a few tips that can help them build a strategy, and this will be pivotal for their packing as well.

Don’t Fold Anything, Try Rolling Technique

We all have learned how to fold our clothes, and we use the same strategy to store our clothes at home. However, it’s time to unlearn that because if you want to pack more effectively, you need to start rolling things. You will realize that rolling your clothes will help you pack more stuff in less time and the best thing is that you will not be stuffing too much in a very small space. 

This gives a tidy look, and you will have everything accessible; we have seen that if you start folding things, sometimes, you will have to replace things from the bottom, or you will end up losing important stuff. To resolve these issues, rolling techniques work better because everything can be seen easily, and you will be able to stuff a lot in a small bag.

Place Heavier Items at the End

Most people stuff their important things like clothes at the bottom because they are not sure that by the end of the packing, they will have enough space to carry heavier objects. However, this strategy has proven to be very unsuccessful and rather inconvenient. 

Since you will be traveling on a motorcycle and you need to stuff it all up in your backpack, it is very important to keep heavier objects at the bottom. When you place heavier objects at the bottom, your backpack will have support from the seat, which will place less strain on your back. Your shoulders and pack will only be supporting a small amount of weight, and this eventually means that you don’t have to carry too much weight.

Use Travel Size Things

Most people have this mentality that it is better to carry more than carry less. This can be true if you have your personal vehicle and you have a large cargo space; however, if you are traveling on a motorcycle, this is definitely not something that anyone would recommend. There are small bottles and travel size shampoo and toothpaste available in the market, and you can carry that along. 

Most of us don’t realize that small size products are enough for one person and if you use them wisely, you are not only saving a lot of money but also a lot of space. For someone traveling on a motorcycle, these travel size bottles are nothing but a godsend. You will be surprised how much space you will be able to save with these small size bags and bottles.

Get Travel Template Packs

Travel packs are very easily available in the market; usually, a travel pack consists of 6-9 small bags of different sizes. They are recommended by experts as well because, with the help of these small bags, you can easily separate your fabric-based luggage from other things. 

The main reason most people like to buy these packs is that it helps them avoid any accident. We have seen that usually, while you pack heavier objects, shampoo and lotion bottles burst open, and these liquids are soaked by the fabric and cloth. 

This means that all your efforts of packing things in a good way and your schedule get ruined just because of an accident. To avoid this issue altogether, it is recommended that travel packs must be bought.

Ditch the Appliances

We have all seen people packing appliances when they go camping or on road trips. The idea of packing appliances might sound fun when you have good cargo space, or you are going with family where you can cook outdoors, or you want vanity products to look good like curler and straightener. 

However, when you are packing for camping out in the woods, you might want to skip out on these appliances. We will highly recommend you to rely on things that you can find on your way. 

Even if you need to pack a steel or glass water bottle, we suggest you should skip it. Get something that you can use on your way and dump if you want to get rid of the weight. Getting a glass or steel bottle might sound like a healthy choice, but it is not a good choice in terms of weight. 

Make a Packing List

Making a packing list will help you track everything, and you will be surprised how much more you will remember once you start to list it all down. Starting from the basics, you can divide the list and then fill it up. Another good tip that can help you keep track of things that you want to carry along include listing down your luggage according to the days, and now you plan to use these products. 

This way, you will imagine everything that you plan to use, and then you can pack according to everyday needs. Usually, people like to pack in bulk because they don’t want to feel like they are missing out on something. However, it is alright to leave a few things behind and rely on things that you can buy on your way as well.

Schedule Your Days for Packing

Packing in bulk is one of the worst things that you can do. While packing, you need to pack things that you can use again and again. If you are packing your clothes, look for solid colors that you can wear again and again with layering. Darker colors usually don’t get dirty, so make sure to get a lot of dark color shirts. 

Apart from this, get something very comfortable, this can be a pair of dark color jeans or trousers and then something for layering. You can even make three different outfits out of the same clothing article if you start laying it properly. Where most of us get in trouble is when we try to stuff our bags with various items because we want to wear a new outfit every day.

Load the Basic Stuff in Saddlebags

While traveling on the motorcycle, you don’t want to stuff everything in your backpack. If you feel something is heavy or you don’t want to carry it around everywhere, you can stuff it up in your saddlebags. 

Saddlebags are just hung from the seat, and you don’t have to carry them. In short, you can stuff it all up if you want, and this will have no load on you. Heavier objects like toolkits, first aid boxes, small appliances like stoves, etc., can be disassembled and stuffed into saddlebags.

Rely On Back Carry If Needed

Apart from saddlebags and a backpack, you can also get something else. There are back carries that can be assembled and adjusted on the back of your motorcycle. They have a hardcover, and so you can stuff it all up with different things. 

If you feel you can’t carry so much weight in your backpack, a back carry is a great way to carry things around. Usually, people fill things if they are sharp and add them to their back carry.

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