Going on trips especially on a motorcycle takes the whole experience of the journey to a surreal level because it gives you the opportunity of building a relationship with nature and the outer world and you learn to appreciate the world around you; the experience on a motorcycle is dreamlike.

All you need to do is just take a trip and you will get to see the world around from a different lens. Sitting in a car, a train and bus usually means that we will be listening to music, having conversations with other passengers.

But when you are riding on a motorcycle all your attention will be on the scenery around you; you will notice the trees, the flowers and the natural topography of the world around you.

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Just imagine riding into the mountains listening to the sounds of waterfalls, the rustling of the trees and the singing wind! It's giving us chills just thinking about it and we can’t wait to plan our next trip as soon as possible!

No wonder gangs of motorcycle enthusiasts are always on the go planning any escape they can from their mundane lives to go visit and explore new places! 


Owning and maintaining motorcycles is also very easy and cheap as compared to the maintenance of bigger vehicles; the gas is cheaper, it’s easier to get the oil and water changed as well, not to forget that you can also easily get motorcycles customized, small changes in the seats, gears, lights and accessories such as in helmets and number plates can completely change the look of a motorcycle.

You don’t need to make too many grand changes in order to refurbish your motorcycle. It’s also more economical and fun to change paint jobs on your motorcycles as well. Even spare parts and hardware of motorcycles is easy to purchase as you can find them in all kinds of price ranges. 

Apart from getting changes in the exterior of a motorcycle it is also easier on the road to drive through heavy traffic and narrow roads when you are on a motorcycle. We know people who have had the opportunity of easily reaching tricky narrow places up north where even four by four vehicles were unable to go! 

The most ignored or lesser known facts about riding a motorcycle are the health benefits that you get from riding a motorcycle; it improves your back posture as you need to constantly sit straight for better balance.

And gradually when you regularly need to commute on a motorcycle you will start noticing that you have started making a habit of always keeping your back straight. This improvement in your stature will also align your digestive system and your nervous systems which will help your mind become clearer and more focused.  

You can’t lose your concentration even for a little bit when you're riding a motorcycle because you need to be alert all the time; we don’t realize it but when you are riding a motorcycle your mind is constantly multi tasking as not only are you driving the motorcycle but also balancing yourself and also staying alert of your surroundings.

At this point your mind is functioning at conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. For everyday life people who are in the practice of riding a motorcycle get used to becoming more observant and also they become more sensitive to the environment around you; most importantly your instincts and reflexes become sharper so you become more aware at all times. 


Another, very important advantage that is often overlooked, is the resulting core strength that is achieved after regularly riding on a motorcycle. As mentioned earlier, motorcycle riding improves your posture and walking stance in general.

This, coupled with the extreme attentiveness and muscle power needed to ride a motorbike, dramatically affects a person’s core strength. A strong core means a boosted immune system and sharp reflexes all of which are valued qualities if possessed by any human being.

However, as is true with everything else in this world, motorcycle riding has its fair share of drawbacks and disadvantages. Firstly, people above a certain age are recommended to avoid riding a motorcycle as it may cause spinal bruising and frozen joints due to sitting in the same position for long periods of time.

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Motorcycles have little to no storage space which restricts a person from carrying excessive baggage and limits them to only essential items. This is a huge setback for people who are into fashion and like to carry tons of clothes with them wherever they go.

The lack of more than one passenger seat is also a disaster in some cases as people generally like riding with friends and family. Having less seats to sit on means that either some people will be skipping on the picturesque entirety of the mountains or more seats will have to be installed on the bike. 


Keeping your clothes (specially socks) clean while riding a motorbike is by far the biggest challenge faced by bikers as riding a bike means all the puddle water gets on your shoes and socks, if a passer-by car drives by at a fast speed it launches all the dirt and water on passengers around it.

Due to this bikers’ shoes usually get worn out very easily and their life is cut to half. Bikers also need extra protection such as a helmet, waterproof jackets and long boots which is very difficult in itself as carrying around all that weight on your body while riding a motorbike seems impossible.

Bikers have to always be extremely aware of their surroundings at all times because they are always at a risk of getting their items stolen as they are constantly exposed. Riding among such heavy vehicles as trucks and trollers is also a big challenge.

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Motorbike riding also carries an endless list of health hazards which have to be thoroughly thought through before planning a trip. First is obviously the risk of getting seriously injured. This can be due to numerous reasons e.g. slipping, impact with another car, sudden tyre bursts, over speeding and much more.

Bikers are known to get into the worst kind of accidents due to their amount of exposure and lack of safety equipment. 70% of the times bike accidents prove to be fatal and on numerous occasions bikers end up with gruesome injuries that last lifetimes.

If the weather is rainy, the risk of slipping increases multi fold. Similarly, if there happens to be thick fog, visibility drops down dramatically and also increases the chances of another vehicle crashing into the motorbike. 

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If it is too sunny, the biker is open to heat strokes and fainting. If it is too cold, he can easily catch a cold, and in extreme cases even hypothermia and death.

Lastly, a hazard which is usually overlooked but shouldn’t be is the continuous inhalation of carbon monoxide by bikers. Cars, bikes and especially big trucks let out a toxic and dangerous amount of CO from their exhaust pipes.

If a car holds a diesel engine, this amount is tripled. CO inhalation is very dangerous as it can cause fainting, a low oxygen saturation and very rarely can prove to be fatal.


However, as risky and dangerous bike riding may have seemed in the passages above, there are several ways to be safe and avoid these hazards. Bikers are suggested to always wear one piece of clothing that is neon so it becomes easier to spot them from a distance.

Before planning a trip, a biker should ALWAYS check the weather forecast and wear relevant clothing. Tyres should be checked before starting and at every pit stop available en route as tyres are hotspots for accidents.

Finally, wearing safety equipment is always a must. That includes a helmet on at all times, a face mask to prevent inhalation of foreign and unwanted gases and goggles to prevent eye irritation.

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